In addition to the core autopilot and simulator products, H Scientific have developed a number of additional systems. A number of these are can be integrated with the autopilots, such as the flight termination system and power control system, while the GENIE system is mainly used with the simulator or with datalogging applications.

GENIE System (Analogue I/O to USB interface)

The GENIE board connects to a serial port or USB port. The GENIE board can be connected to our SPECTRE systems, used with a PC and our DLL to return analogue and digital values to a customers application. It can easily be daisy-chained to increase the volume of I/O if required.

Flight Termination System (FTS) or Remote Termination System (RTS)

The FTS is a fail-safe device which incorporates a relay which changes state when commanded. When the radio transmission is interrupted or becomes invalid for any reason, the FTS receiver switches off the relay. The relay can actuate a solenoid valve or other device to bring the vehicle into a safe condition.

Heading and Attitude Sensor (HAS-01)

The HAS-01 Heading and Attitude Sensor is a magnetic/inertial sensor designed to give heading, rate of turn, roll and pitch data.

Gyrostabilised Camera

Using a fast and accurate attitude sensor, together with sophisticated datafusion algorithms to provide a low-cost gyrostabilised motorised CCTV camera.

Marine Datalogger

Logs data from different sources, e.g. received NMEA data from sensors, analogue, digital inputs / outputs from GENIE Interface Unit. The data can be displayed and logged.

Dual Redundant Power Control System

Allows two power supplies (e.g. batteries, alternators) to be connected to a single system and shares the load between them intelligently.

Telemetry System

Our telemetry system offers analogue, digital and serial I/O. Serial communications with the base station software via a radio modem allows remote monitoring and control.

Satellite Data Harvester

Remote monitoring stations are now not limited by radio range or human interaction. Our Satellite Data Harvester can be used to monitor analogue, digital, and serial I/O, with Power Management Modules to turn on and off scientific equipment and GENIE boards to expand I/O channels to a customer's requirement. With solar power and battery backup these systems can be left unattended in very remote areas.


PHANTOM is a diver navigation system which comprises an on-board computer and a suite of sensors. It combines the data from the sensors to give a graphical and numerical display of the diver's position and progress through a pre-programmed mission, using electronic charts.

Modem Controller

The modem controller simplifies communication with modems which require explicit control of the handshaking protocol.


COVELIA is an velocity sensor which measures the speed of a vehicle relative to the sea bed by measuring the displacement of the transducer over the time interval between two acoustic pulses.

Power Management Module

Autonomous vehicles can have many systems and modules. Rather than blowing a main fuse if a devices fails and crippling the entire vessel and mission, a PMM continually monitors the voltage and current supplied to devices, and can shut them down if they draw to much current, as well as intelligently reapplying power allowing for start up surges for inductive and capacitive loads.

Digital IO Board

The Mk4 SPECTRE autopilot uses the Digital IO boards instead of being limited by the I/O on the main SPECTRE board. Multiple boards can be added to the same RS422 serial bus allowing expandable I/O.


The datalogger allows fast logging from serial ports, analogue inputs, digital inputs, and an on board accelerometer, gyroscope, and compass.