Market growth in the use of ‘autonomous’ vessels has led to increased sales of Spectre autopilots

H-Scientific Ltd  (HSL) continue to grow through increased sales of Autopilots for ‘autonomous’ vessels. The general increase in the use of AUV and ASV by the oil and gas and surveillance industries combined with oceanographic research has led to a sales increase of the Spectre range of autopilots.

HSL’s founder Dr. Henry Robinson commented ‘Our long established technical leadership in vessel control, both above and below water, has led to organic growth of the Company. Customer from around the world have approached us and we pride ourselves on being agile enough to respond to their needs’.

The interest and growth in autonomous vessels has also provided additional opportunities for HSL. Dr Robinson also states, ‘We understand the nature of developing autonomous vessels and have solved a lot of our customers problems in a collaborative way. Our aim is always to make the ‘mission’ successful. So our focus in not only on the technicalities of the engineering but the overall delivery to the end customer, this way we ensure we deliver the right solution’. This in turn has led to other sales opportunities such as power management and communication modules and the implementation of a low cost RUDIC’s Iridium satellite communication and control of the autopilot.


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