SPECTRE autopilot board.
The technology developed using the simulation environment includes a suite of self-tuning autopilots and attitude control, and this has been incorporated into the SPECTRE Processor Board. This board provides 10 serial I/O channels and multiple analogue and digital I/O channels and supports standard navigational instruments and sensors.

Autopilot controller algorithms, including

  • Heading control
  • Speed control
  • Track following, including event management at waypoints
  • Vehicle following
  • Obstacle avoidance / collision avoidance
  • Attitude and depth control
  • Hovering / Dynamic Positioning
  • More algorithm details

Machinery and control surface interfaces

  • Analogue, e.g. analogue input and output voltages
  • Digital inputs and outputs, e.g. ON/OFF, ENABLE and DIRECTION signals, Pulse Width Modulation
  • On board digital I/O can be expanded with Digital IO boards
  • Power Management Modules (PMMs) can safely power external devices with programmable trip levels
  • Further expansion possible, see SPECTRE add-ons
  • User requested: Additional interfaces may be provided upon request

Navigational instrument / sensor interfaces

  • NMEA 0183 serial interface, standard NMEA uses 4800 baud, but each port may be individually configured to different baudrates
  • Analogue and Digital input: e.g. voltage from a pressure sensor
  • Analogue and digital IO can be expanded with GENIE cards, with up to 15 GENIE cards per serial port
  • TCM2 propriety interface format
  • User requested: Additional interfaces may be provided upon request

Communications interface protocol

  • The propriety communications protocol is robust and efficient and ideally suited for low bandwidth applications. This allows RS232, radio or acoustic communications between the remote control operator workstation and the 3D-MC board

Operator User Interface

  • The standard remote control workstation includes a PC, or laptop PC, running the RCW software which provides:
    • Route planning and upload/download
    • Mission recording and replay
    • Electronic chart input/output for vehicle activity, waypoints, routes
    • Vehicle system status and control
    • Payload system status and control
    • Handheld remote control joystick for close maneuvers


Mechanical PC104 format 90 x 96mm
Power supply 8 to 28V
Current 70 mA (no external load or outputs)
Serial I/O 10 Serial ports
Digital I/O

16 digital I/O channels. 3.3V logic, 5V tolerant inputs.

8 can be configured as PWM outputs

Analogue In 12 x 12 bit, 4,096 values, -10V to 10V
Analogue out 4 x 12 bit, 4,096 values, -5V to 5V
On board sensors Gyro stabilised compass with roll and pitch rates
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