Stable and transparent, informative and powerful, the RCW front end software allows the operator to communicate with the autopilot, to interrogate it and to send it commands, changing modes and setpoints. The GUI-based operator interface is completely user-configurable so it can be set up to suit the vehicle and the application. The example shown here includes:

  • Operator controls, including
  • manual machinery control
  • set control modes
  • Navigational displays including
    • dials and digital readouts
    • artificial horizon
    • depth display
    • LED indicators to monitor the status of on-board systems
    • A 'view' window shows the vehicle viewed from east, south or from above; this can be customised with a geotiff image.

The operator may also be able to access the analogue inputs and outputs on the SPECTRE board, set up sensors, view and modify the autopilot configuration data, and request an Emergency Stop.

Communications Protocols

The proprietary, low bandwidth communication protocol is supported which allows efficient two-way communication between the remote control computer and the vehicle. This interface is available as a DLL allowing the user to tailor their application to use this interface.

Alternative communications protocols are available; these include

  • NMEA 2000 interface (CANbus) supported.
  • In addition, a NMEA-type interface is supported. Other interfaces can be added to suit the customer requirements.