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The SPECTRE Remote Control System has been developed for autonomous control for surface craft. This is a turnkey system, based on the SPECTRE Processor Board, which can be retrofitted to most standard RHIBs and other surface vessels, as well as to USVs (Unmanned Surface Vehicles). The system offers additional functionality including interfacing with navigation systems, and with engine, gearbox and throttle control. The standard system is configured to control a craft with a single engine via a standard electronic throttle actuator and hydraulic steering pump, but is designed to be easily reconfigurable to meet the needs of a variety of craft including twin propellers and waterjets.

SPECTRE Processor Board and Algorithms

The autopilot technology has been incorporated into the SPECTRE Processor Board. The SPECTRE Processor Board includes configurable controller algorithms, providing a number of modes of vehicle control, and extensive interface capability, including machinery (e.g. propulsors, control surfaces) interfaces, navigational sensor interfaces, and an efficient command communications protocol. Remote Control front-end software is provided which allows the operator to communicate with the autopilot and monitor and log the vehicle's progress.

In overview, the SPECTRE Processor Board provides:

  • Remote controlled operation
  • Auto-heading, for minimum operator workload
  • Fully autonomous operation
  • Autonomous with capibility for operator intervention
  • Covert mode - zero command link transmission
  • Joystick interface for direct MMI input
  • Adaptive algorithms which continuously adjust to environmental conditions such as wind, waves, tide and turbulence

The system provides a number of "spare" channels for controlling payload systems using the same command link. Specific sub-component systems, such as engine ignition and throttle control, sensor control boards, have been designed and interfaced with the SPECTRE Processor Board.